Our mechanical seals are used in the following branches of industries:





LLC “KB “UKRSPETSMASH” was founded in 2000 in the city of Sumy that is the center of pumpbuilding of Ukraine. At the present time “KB “UKRSPETSMASH” is one of the leading enterprise engaged in mechanical seal manufacturing. The enterprise includes engineering and production departments and a test laboratory for mechanical seal hydraulic testing. The collective of the enterprise successfully achieves the solution to the issues on sealing of shafts for pumps, compressors, turbo expanders, supercharges, smoke exhausters, chemical reactors and mixers. There are many advantages of products being manufactured such as modern engineering level, high workmanship and affordable cost. When designing and manufacturing seals, we use state-of-the-art software tools, our own inventions and know-how, recent developments in material science and technology. It provides to compete favorably with well-known Russian or foreign manufacturers of sealing equipment.

Highly skilled and experienced specialists, with the help of high-tech machining technique and test-bench equipment successfully meet difficult tasks concerning with sealing equipment.

LLCKBUKRSPETSMASH ensures flawless functioning of products delivered, provides warranty and post-warranty service, delivers spare parts and devices for mounting and repairing of the mechanical seals.

Product range is regularly added on new samples and upgraded. Current state of sealing technology in CIS countries and abroad is monitored continuously.