Hydrocyclone Separator


Hydrocyclone Separator ГЦС-95К

is intended to separate abrasive particles in sealed fluid that is supplied into the mechanical seal. It is used in piping Plan 31 according to API 682 in conjunction with single mechanical seals


used in pumps designed for crude oil production and oil transportation, chemical and oil-refining industry that operate with liquids containing abrasive particles


Maximum working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 10 (100)
Maximum working temperature, оС 150
Maximum working pressure, MPa (кgf/cm2) 0.15 (1.5)
Degree of purification due to viscosity of
working medium and size of solids, %
from 90 до 99
Material used stainless steel 304
Joints G ½’, flanged
Service life not less than 3 years
Features hydrocyclone separators are free of periodical cleaning compared to strainers